Edward Moran


This is an original oil on canvas painting by American artist Edward Moran.  This view of Fishing boats at sunset is clearly signed lower left corner.  The canvas measures 9 1/2X20 inches.  Framed in an early Walnut molding. 

"Seascapes were Moran's forté.  By the 1880s, the artist was considered such an expert on the subject that his "hints for practical study' of marine painting were published in the September and November, 1888, issues of the Art Amateur.  After his death, an admirer wrote that "As a painter of the sea in its many moods and phases, Edward Moran ... had no superior in America."

"Edward Moran moved with his family to New York City in 1870.  During this time, New York harbor was bustling with marine traffic.  While in New York, Moran had the opportunity to work with the luminist artists John F. Kensett, Martin Johnson Heade and Sanford R. Gifford, who all exhibited regularly at the National Academy of Design.  Moran quickly absorbed the concepts of luminism and for several years experimented with this aesthetic.  As a result, in the early 1870's his palette brightens, his compositions are simpler, and the light in his paintings is more atmospheric."