Job Nixon


This is a very fine original engraving by British artist Job Nixon. The image size is 11 x 16 1/4 inches, Fine Print of the Year, 1925, pencil signed. Malcolm C. Salaman write of this print, "Line Engraving, used with independent character is the medium of Mr Nixon's brilliant and original Cave Dwellers, Dieppe. This vivacious artist loves to discover an unusual subject and this is certainly one, with features of curious pictorial interest. He has brought into well ordered and animated design the strange looking huts at the base of the cliffs with the cave-dwellers themselves in their daily activities, and the goats, chickens and pigs incidentally feeding."


Etching ca. 1919. Printed on laid-type paper, pencil and plate signed in the bottom right corner. This print is very rate: it is the second state out of three, and is one of only two proofs of this state. The etching depicts Glanworth Castle in Cork, Ireland. Image measures 8 x 15 1/4 inches on 11 1/4 x 18 inch paper.