Featured Paintings

This is an early 20th century landscape painting, oil on canvas titled: "The Oak", it was created circa 1920-30's.  It is signed lower left corner with the initials A. F. and also initialed and titled on the back of the canvas.  The painting itself measures 18X24 inches.  A fine impressionistic view of a woodland scene with a figure in the background.  Very good condition, the artist is a mystery.  This might possibly be the work of Alexis J. Fournier...


This landscape measures 12 5/8 x 9 1/8 inches and is signed on the reverse in pencil as "E. A. King", housed in a period frame. We are attributing this painting to Elizabeth A.(Bessie) King who studied at the Chandler School of Art in Detroit and was a member of the Atlanta Artists Association.


This is an original oil on canvas painting of a costal view with sailboats.  This circa 1870's painting measures 14 1/2X21 inches.  It is signed lower right but we cannot read it.  Perhaps "Fantastio".  Period gilt frame.  European style cross bar stretcher.


This is an early unsigned oil on canvas painting of a Brother and Sister.  We would date this to the first quarter of the nineteenth century.  The style is very familar, similar to Chandler or Amni Phillips but we cannot determine who actually painted this portrait.  The painting measures 36X29 inches.  There is a New York canvas stamp on the back, the painting has a couple of early repairs but nothing major, the work could use a reline and a couple of small spots of touch up.  The frame, of the period does have a few chips and losses but overall the painting has a great look just as it now appears.


Oil on canvas, 10 1/4 x 16 inches, c. 1880, unsigned, in the style of Alexander Wyant, in a period gilt frame.


This is a very fine Hudson River School landscape, oil on academy board, 9 3/4 x 18 3/4 inches, c. 1880s, unsigned, in an ornate period gilt frame. Although this painting is unsigned it is quite well painted, evidently by a very competent artist.


A verdant New England landscape by Massachusetts artist Edward Burrill, oil on canvas, 9 x 12 inches, 1885, signed and dated in the lower left corner, framed. Edward Burrill was a Northshore artist known for his landscapes and coastal scenes. He worked out of a Boston studio for a time but was primarily based in Lynn, MA, and knew many of the important artists of the day, including John J. Enneking, Winslow Homer and Joseph Cole. He exhibited his work regularly at the Boston Art Club for many years, also showing his work at the Silas Barton Gallery and the Lynn Art Club.


Pastel, image size 16 1/2 x 11 inches


This is a very fine original 19th Century painting in the style of Marinus Adrianus Koekkoek (1807-1868). Oil on panel, 7 1/4 x 8 7/8 inches, c. 1850, unsigned, in an ornate period gilt frame. Although this painting is unsigned, the style and subject are very reminiscent of the work of Dutch artist Marinus Adrianus Koekkoek, who was known for his delicately painted atmospheric landscapes.


This is an original tempra painting on artist board by German artist Max Feldbauer.  This painting, At the Train Station,  is identified on the back of the board with labels from both "Karl Schneider in Munchen" and also "Original der Munchner Jugend, Munchen"..The painting appears to be unsigned, but possibly appears to have a faded signature in the lower left.  The painting has an image size of 12X18 inches. Nicely Framed..  Very rich colors and in good condition.  An interesting post impressionist style circa 1890-1900.  


This is an original watercolor on paper by American artist Emil Ganso.  This view of a city in winter measures 18 3/4X25 inches.  It is signed Ganso lower right, there is a line of toning at the edges of the sheet from an earlier window mat.  Overall very good condition, no tears, bright colors.  The sheet is not glued down.  Circa 1930.


This is an original watercolor on Ivory painting, circa 1820.  This miniature came to us sealed in a bronze frame with domed glass.  The image measures 4 1/4X3 1/2 inches.  The painting is signed lower right, Cales....?  Possibly French in origin, there appears to be some minor foxing on the work, its possibly just on the glass inside, but this work is sealed up and weve been unable to open it.  The backing appears to be of tortoise shell.  Overall in good shape a bit of damage to the floral design at the top of the frame.  Our photo shows reflection on the left and right edges of the painting, these do not appear on the original artwork.


This is a fine tonalist mountain landscape in winter, oil on board, American school painting, the painting is indistinctly signed l.l., weve been unable to identify the artist. The painting is housed in a nice 19th century gilt frame. The painting itself measures 8X10 inches.


This is an original oil on canvas painting by Rockport artist Jonathan Hotz.  This winter landscape is signed lower right, it measures 11X12 inches.  Very good condition, framed.  A fine impressionist view of a wooded landscape in winter.


This is an original watercolor painting by American artist Morris Henry Hobbs.  The title on the back of the sheet is: "Stone Wall Peterborough,N.H. 1944"  The painting is signed and dated lower left corner of the image.  The painting measures 12X16 inches.  This painting was created during the Artist residency that Hobbs spent at the Malcom MacDowell Art Colony in Peterborough N.H.

This painting is framed with archival materials.