Featured Paintings

This is an original oil on canvas painting by German American artist Hugo Breul (1854-1910)  This painting is signed lower left corner.  The canvas measures 9X6 inches.  The frame is 10 1/2X7 1/2 inches. A fine rich multi layer amber glazing to the portrait.  Very well captured.  In what appears to be the original early Whistler style frame.  We feel that  this painting dates from the late 1890's.



This is an interesting original watercolor on paper, in the style of Homer, a View of the Palm Trees blowing in the Breeze.  The image is indistinctly signed lower right, weve been unable to figure this one out.  It is from the period circa 1910, painted on a lightly textured watercolor paper.  The image measures 10X14 inches.  a few minor foxing marks in the sky, overall in very nice shape.  Framed with a modern gilt frame.


This is a fine watercolor painting by American artist Nora S Unwin.  The title, inscribed on the backing board is: A Memory of Greece.  This painting is hand signed and dated 1966 by the artist.  The image measures 13 1/2X17 1/2 inches.  Unwin was the well known artist and illustrator who lived and worked in Peterborough New Hampshire.  This watercolor on artist board is in very fine condition.