William Jurian Kaula

American, New Hampshire,Boston

This is a very fine original oil on board painting by New Hampshire artist William Jurian Kaula.  The title is: "New Hampshire Landscape,Spring". circa 1930 this painting has an image size of 19X22 1/2 inches.  Housed in a tasteful modern frame.  This painting came to us with a label on the back, this painting was in the collection of Minette Hunsiker Cummings, the artists niece.  The painting is signed lower right corner.
"William J. Kaula studied in Boston and Paris before establishing studios in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. His wife, Lee Lufkin Kaula, was also a painter, and together they spent several summers in the countryside sketching. His paintings show atmospheric landscapes in cool colors and often emphasize dramatic cloud formations. (Smithsonian)"