The Little Sister, Cliches Verre

This is an original Cliches Verre print by French artist Jean Baptiste Camille Corot.  The title is "The Little Sister, La Petite Soeur.  This image was first created in 1854, the image was done on a coated glass plate which was then printed onto a light sensitive sheet.  This happened at a time when photography was only just invented.  This plate was latter printed in a new edition by Le Garrec in 1921.  This image has the Edmond Sagot's publishers stamp on the back and the edition number as: 129/150..The image measures 6 1/2X8 1/8 inches.  Corots name appears in the lower left corner in reverse.  This image appears in the Deteil catalog as image number 41....“From a portfolio of forty individually mounted cliché-verre prints by Corot, Daubigny, Delacroix, Millet and Rousseau, printed from plates held in the collection of M. Cuvelier (Paris: Maurice Le Garrec, 1921); with title page, list of plates and 'avertissement', each mount and title page stamped with the series number in blue ink; edition 8/150. The verso of each print also bears a stamp, possibly that of the Edmond Sagot studio (the title page states that Le Garrec was the successor to Sagot)  (from the British Museum)