Weve recently acquired a large portfolio of original artwork illustrations created by Everett Shinn for numerous books and publications.  Many with remarks to the printer as to how it was to be reduced or changed for the book.  These were all absolutely by Shinn, many signed, some initialed, all can be found in the books that he illustrated mostly in reduced sizes and with the addition of type setting.  Fine examples of the Illustrators art from the mid 1930s-40s.  This image was created for the for the book, Poems of Childhood by James Riley, published by Gosset & Dunlap, in 1943.  This original ink wash drawing came to us with the original printers proof containing the publishers notations on the final inking.  This image is titled The Raggedy Man, page 19.  The image measures 11 1/2X9 inches on a illustration board which measures 21X15 with publishers notes at the bottom edge.  The condition of the drawing is fine, the printers color proof has some old tape staining . A fine example of the  illustrators art "   This illustration was from the book "A Special collection of Riley's classic poems, with new illustrations by Everett Shinn created especially for this edition by the Artists and Writers Guild in 1943.