Rookwood Flower Vase, Kataro Shirayamadani


This is an original floral Rookwood vase hand painted by Japanese artist Kataro Shirayamadani.  The vase was created in 1900.  It has the Rookwood stamp on the bottom and the signature of  Shirayamadani.  The vase measures 13 inches tall and 9 inches in diameter.  Probably the most recognized name in Rookwood Pottery history is Kataro (Sherry) Shirayamadani who was born in 1865.  He started decorating pottery at Rookwood in 1887 and except for a couple of short periods of time, worked at the pottery until near his death in 1948.  While all of Kataro’s work is highly sought after by collectors.  This vase is in flawless condition.