Charles Meryon


This is a very fine etching on a colored Chin Collet by French artist Charles Meryon.  The title is : Le Petit Pont, Paris.  This etching was created in 1850.  The image measures 10 1/16X7 3/8 inches.  This impression is the V/VII state.  It has printed the title in the lower border as well as: "Public par L'Artiste" in the lower left and "Imp A. Delatre, Rue St Jacque 171" in the lower right.  This image appears in the Delteil-Wright  catalog as image number 24.


This is an original etching on toned chin collet by French artist Charles Meryon.  The title is: La Pompe Notre-Dame, Paris.  This etching was created in 1852.  The image measures 6 3/4X10 inches.  It is the VII/IX state, 7th of 9.  In the bottom margin is printed the title, "Public Par L'Artiste" in the lower left.  In the lower right is "Imp. A. Delatre, R.s. Jacques 171"  This image appears in the Delteil catalog as image number 31...


Passerelle du Pont-au-Change, après l'incendie de 1621 (The Footbridge temporarily replacing the Pont-au-Change, Paris, after the fire of 1621, after Della Bella)1860.  Etching by French artist Charles Meryon, 1860.  This etching has an image size of 4 11/16X9 inches.  It is the 7th state of 9 and appears in the Delteil/Wright  catalog as image number 50.  Published in teh Gazette des Beaux Arts, vol. 8 Nov.1, 1860.



This etching by French artist Charles Meryon is titled: La Rue des Toiles, A. Bourges.  It was created in 1853.  The image measures 8 3/8X4 5/8 inches.  This impression is the 9th state of 9 which has the title typeset in the lower center border and the printers name in the lower right, A. Delatre.  Printed on a medium weight wove type paper.