20th Century American Prints

20th Century American Artists

This is an original drypoint etching by American artist Frank Benson.  The title is: The Bridge, it measures 13 1/2X10 5/8 inches.  Hand signed in pencil lower right.  This drypoint was created and printed in 1923, printed on a Whatman watermarked laid type paper.  This etching was printed in an edition of 150 proofs.  It appears in the Ordeman catalog as image number 227.  A fine rich impression with plate tone used in the printing of this impression.


This is one of the most impressive etchings by American artist  John Taylor Arms.  This image is titled: In Memoriam, the view of the  North Portal of Chartres Cathedral.  It was from his French Church series.   This etching was created and printed in 1939.  It is from the 2nd state of two.  Printed in an edition of 312.  The image measures 14 5/8X12 inches.  Printed on a medium weight wove type paper, Inscribed "to Roger and Belle Worsley", pencil signed and dated and also has a collectors red seal in the lower right corner of the sheet.  This image appears in the Fletcher catalog as image number 317


This is an original aquatint etching by American artist Doel Reed.  This image was created and printed in 1941 in an edition of 100.  This was originally sold through Associated American Artists in New York.  The image measures 8 15/16X14 7/8 inches.  Pencil signed lower right.


This is a very cool lithograph on zinc, image size 12 5/8 x 17 7/8 inches, 1919-1920, from a very small edition of 27 or fewer impressions, cat: Czestochowski-134, printed by Bolton Brown, pencil signed. Provenance: The Cleveland Museum of Art. Davies was a truly remarkable artist of the late 19th and early 20th centuries known for his dreamlike etchings and lithographs. In his catalog raisonne of Davies work, Czestochowski writes "In a time of social, political, scientific and artistic upheaval, Davies hewed to an unwavering inner vision, one of classically graceful figures in an eternal dance with nature." This image is a beautiful homage to the ancient Greeks, which Davies portrays in his distinctive style that is at once quite classical and quite modern.


This is an original etching by American artist John Taylor Arms.  This etching is pencil signed,dated and numbered as Ed.100.  The image measures 7 1/4X6 3/4 inches.  This impression is from the 1st state of 3.  This award winning etching was entered in an exhibit by the New York Watercolor club, part of their Black and White show in 1932.  This etching was originally sold by Kennedy and Co in New York.  Framed with original label.


Etching, image size 6 3/8 X 14 9/16 inches, printed in 1942 by Charles White in an edition of 150, 2nd state proof, numbered "II", cat: Fletcher-370, pencil signed and dated. This atmospheric etching is a great example of the delicate lines and precise detail for which Arms was known. This image won several awards in the early 1940s; the Mrs. Henry F Noyes Memorial Prize for best print at the 27th Annual Exhibition of the Society of American Etchers, New York, N.Y. 1943; the First Prize in Black and White Section at the 12th Annual Exhibition of the Irvington Art and Museum Association, Irvington, N. J. 1945; and the First Prize in Black and White at the Annual Art Exhibition of the Bridgeport Art League, Bridgeport, CT. 1945.


This is a fine Modernist lithograph by Russian born artist Alexander Archipenko.  The title is: Coquette.  This lithograph, printed in blue is hand signed lower right in blue pencil.  The image measures 14X10 inches.  It was published by Associated American Artists in New York, in 1950.  It was printed in an edition of 150, it appears in the Karshan catalog as image number 31.  Archipenko was active in the Cubist Movement while living in Paris, he later moved to the USA.  This lithograph is framed and in very fine condition, the original AAA Label is on the back.


This is an original lithograph by Japanese American artist Yasuo Kuniyoshi.  It is titled The Cyclist.  It was created and printed in 1939 and originally sold through Associated American Artists in New York.  The image measures 12 1/2X8 3/4 inches.  Printed on a medium weight wove type paper.  This lithograph is clearly signed in pencil lower right by the artist.  One of his images from his circus series.


This is a fine original etching by American impressionist artist Frank Benson.  The title is Elisabeth, a portrait of the artist's oldest daughter.  This image was created and printed in 1918 in an edition of 150 signed impressions.  The image measures 10X8 inches.  A fine impression with plate tone, there is some old glue residue on the back of the sheet where it was held down to a backing board.  Not into the image area.  Clearly signed in pencil.  A scarce image,  This image appears in the Ordeman catalog as image number 150.  This etching is housed in a period Foster Brothers,Boston,  Gilt Frame.


This is a fine early etching by American regionalist artist Jackson Lee Nesbitt.  The title: October Afternoon, this etching was created and printed in 1945.  Published in an edition of 250 by Associated American Artists in New York.  The label is included.  The image measures 9 11/16X13 5/8 inches.    A beautiful pencil signed impression in flawless condition.


Etching, image size 7 7/8 x 9 7/8 inches, published state, 1923, Ordeman 226


Lithograph, image size 13 x 18 1/2 inches, 1949, edition of 30, pencil signed, titled and editioned. Spruance studied in Paris after winning the coveted Cresson Scholarship in 1928 while attending college at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. He studied with Edmond and Jaques Desjobert in Paris before returning to the US and continuing his nearly forty year career as a printmaker.


This is an original etching by American artist Leonard Baskin.  It is a portrait of Hercules Seghers, the Dutch old master painter.  This portrait was created and printed in 1962.  It appears in the Fern-OSullivan catalog as image number 432.  The image measures 17 3/4X14 1/2 inches. Printed in two colors. It is pencil signed and editioned as 1of 12 in roman numerals.  Beautifully framed with archival materials.


This is a fine dramatic study of old ships in the harbor by American artist Stow Wengenroth..  This image is from Boothbay Maine.  It was created and printed in 1937 in an edition of 65.  This lithograph is hand signed in pencil and has an image size of 8 7/8X15 3/4 inches.  It appears in the Stuckey catalog as image number 71.  A striking image, one Wengenroth's best..


A great sporting etching by Frank Benson, this image measures 14 x 10 7/8 inches, 1922, cat: Ordeman-213, pencil signed. A very rich impression on a medium weight laid type paper. Frank Benson was a very successful painter and a member of "The Ten" along with Childe Hassam and J. Alden Weir, before he began the sporting paintings and etchings for which he is most widely known. He was a founding member of the Boston Guild of Artists and a long time teacher at the Museum School in Boston. In 1912, at the age of 50, Benson began his etchings and drypoints, mainly of wild fowl which he depicted with expressive lines and rich toning that exquisitely captured the life and energy of the wild birds. His etchings were in high demand from the very start, and have remained favorites for collectors ever since.