Michael Willmann

 Michael Willmann (1630-1706) Three-quarter length portrait of an aged bearded man, gazing downwards,after Rembrandt, etching c. 1660/70, on fine laid paper, 16,5 x 12,8 cm, 6 1/2X5 3/4 inches, copy in reverse after an etching by Rembrandt (B. 260, New Ho. 84). The etching was listed as a work by the Rembrandt-school (Rovinski Elèves 31, Bartsch-Claussin II. 111.31); in New Hollstein the sheet is attributed to Michael Willmann now, who was a collaborator in the studio Rembrandt. Very rare.  Thread Margins, two stains in the upper center and right edge, apparently old glue residue.