Kansei no Koro, Bijin in the Kansei Era

This is an original color wood block print by Japanese artist Chinkanobu Toyohara.  It is from his Jidai Kagami series (Mirror of the Ages)  It was created and printed 1896-98.  Published by Matsuk Heikichi.  The image measures 12 7/8X8 inches.  Nicely presented with a custom linen mat.  The series 'Jidai Kagami', often translated as 'A Mirror of the Ages' is one of the most popular by the artist Chikanobu Yoshu. With 50 designs, it shows beauties with different hairstyles and lavish garments through various ages of Japanese history. The portraits are elaborately rendered, with a scene at the top which further references the time period or a memorable event that took place.