20th Century American Prints

20th Century American Artists

This is a remarkable original etching of the intricate facade and Rose window of Beauvais cathedral by American artist John Taylor Arms. The image size is 12 x 7 1/8 inches, 1925, French Church Series #3, cat: Fletcher 161, pencil signed and dated. John Taylor Arms was one of the foremost American printmakers of the 20th century, known for his exquisite compositions and exacting details which gave his etchings a very realistic, almost photographic appearance.


This is an original etching by American artist John Taylor Arms (1887-1953)  The title of this work is "Lace in Stone: Rouen Cathedral   1927".  This image, according to the artist, was his greatest etching.  An image with unbelievable detail.  This large etching has an image size of 14 1/4X11 3/8 inches, the plate mark measures 14X11 1/8 inches.  Printed on a medium weight laid type paper.  This etching is signed and titled by the artist in pencil and inscribed, "Personal Proof."  This image is quite scarce with an edition of only 100 signed proofs.  "Arms spent many years creating his series of etchings of French churches and the series includes some of his most elaborate plates, of which Lace in Stone: Rouen Cathedral remains the outstanding technical tour de force." (Campbell)  This etching appears in the Fletcher catalog as image number 200.  This image won numerous awards and appears in the Dorothy Noyes Arms book the Churches of France.



This is an original etching by American artist John Taylor Arms (1883-1953)  The titile of this work is: "Venetian Mirror. (The Grand Canal, Venice.)".  This etching was created and printed in 1935 in an edition of 146 signed proofs.  This one has the artists "Private Collection" in pencil lower border, it is also pencil signed and dated and inscribed to: "To my Friend Frank G. Kennedy Jr.  and signed again John Taylor Arms"..  The image measures 6 3/8X14 1/8 inches.  Beautiful use of plate tone in the sky and sea.  Printed on a medium weight laid type paper, the overall sheet size is: 10 1/4X18 1/2 inches.  A beautiful impression in excellent condition.


This is a drypoint etching from 1939. #40 in his "French Church" series. Catalog: Fletcher 317. Edition of 312, an early proof of the second and final state. The blue paper and inky fingerprints on the back of the paper indicate that this is likely a trial proof. Plate measures 14 3/4 x 12 inches on blue watermarked laid paper. Alternatively titled "The North Portal of Chartres Cathedral." Pencil signed and dated in the lower right. Winner of the Artist Member Prize, Annual Exhibition, Baltimore Water Color Club, The Baltimore Museum of Art, 1939. It took the artist about 1,000 hours to etch this print, and upon closer inspection of the captivating detail in every single piece of stone, it's clear to see why. One of his most sought-after prints.


Original pencil signed drypoint etching by American artist Frank Benson 1862-1951. The title of this work is "The Landing", created and printed in 1915 in an edition of only 50. The image measures 7 1/4X11 1/4 inches. Printed on Shogun watermarked paper. The etching appears in the Ordeman catalog as image number 70. The setting of this image was Fox Island on Penobscot Bay. Excellent condition matted not framed. Editioned as 46/50.


This is an original etching and engraving by American artist Peter Milton.  This image was created and printed in 1977, pencil signed, titled, and editioned as 9 /160.  The image measures 19 5/8X35 5/8 inches, printed on a medium weight wove type paper.  P.M. catalog as image number 98.  Excellent condition.


An early etching by Gene Kloss, this is a very richly inked scene of boats moored on the quiet harbor waters of San Francisco Bay. The image size is 9 x 10 inches, published in 1935 in a small edition of 75, pencil signed, titled and numbered. Gene Kloss was born in California as Alice Geneva Glasier, changing her name when she married the poet, Phillip Kloss in 1925. On their honeymoon, the Kloss's traveled to and fell in love with Taos, New Mexico. For over a decade they split their time between Taos and Berkely, CA; Gene Kloss becoming a central figure in the artistic communities of both states. This etching is in pristine condition and features a richly inked impression with superb plate tone on a heavy weight wove type paper.


This is a very cool lithograph on zinc, image size 12 5/8 x 17 7/8 inches, 1919-1920, from a very small edition of 27 or fewer impressions, cat: Czestochowski-134, printed by Bolton Brown, pencil signed. Provenance: The Cleveland Museum of Art. Davies was a truly remarkable artist of the late 19th and early 20th centuries known for his dreamlike etchings and lithographs. In his catalog raisonne of Davies work, Czestochowski writes "In a time of social, political, scientific and artistic upheaval, Davies hewed to an unwavering inner vision, one of classically graceful figures in an eternal dance with nature." This image is a beautiful homage to the ancient Greeks, which Davies portrays in his distinctive style that is at once quite classical and quite modern.


Lithograph, image size 15 3/8 x 18 inches, 1932, pencil signed. Born in Poland, Max Weber emigrated to Brooklyn, New York with his family at the age of 10. He went on to study art at the Pratt Institute in Boston, then traveled to Europe where he was influenced by the groundbreaking work of Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Henri Rousseau. Weber returned to America, bringing with him the cubist and modernist ideas and techniques that he learned in Europe, and is considered by many to be one of the forefathers of American modernism.


This is an original lithograph by American regionalist artist Thomas Hart Benton.  This image titled "The Hymn Singer, also called The Minstrel was created and printed in 1950 published by Twayne Publishers, New York City in an edition of 500.  This work, pencil signed "Thomas Hart Benton" lower border has an image size of 12 3/8X16 inches.  This lithograph is custom framed with archival materials.  Excellent condition, full borders, clearly signed.


Etching, image size 6 3/8 X 14 9/16 inches, printed in 1942 by Charles White in an edition of 150, 2nd state proof, numbered "II", cat: Fletcher-370, pencil signed and dated. This atmospheric etching is a great example of the delicate lines and precise detail for which Arms was known. This image won several awards in the early 1940s; the Mrs. Henry F Noyes Memorial Prize for best print at the 27th Annual Exhibition of the Society of American Etchers, New York, N.Y. 1943; the First Prize in Black and White Section at the 12th Annual Exhibition of the Irvington Art and Museum Association, Irvington, N. J. 1945; and the First Prize in Black and White at the Annual Art Exhibition of the Bridgeport Art League, Bridgeport, CT. 1945.


Etching, drypoint, image size 15 x 9 7/8 inches, 1930, trial proof before the published state of 150, Ordeman #300, pencil signed l.l. "Frank W. Benson", printed on Whatman paper.


Etching, image size 11 3/4 x 13 3/4 in, 1927, signed in pencil, published state, edition of 150 (Paff 277), on laid paper with "ENGLAND" watermark


This is an extremely detailed etching by American master John Taylor Arms.  This image titled: "Limoges" was created and printed in 1932.  It was part of his series on French Churches.  The image measures 10 1/16X13 5/8 inches, printed on a blue toned laid type paper.  The etching is pencil signed and inscribed as "Ed 100 III"


Etching, image size 7 7/8 x 9 7/8 inches, published state, 1923, Ordeman 226