19th Century European Prints

19th Century European Artists

This is an original pencil signed etching by French artist Felix Bracquemond.  The title is The Old Cock, created and printed in 1882.  This etching measures 11 1/4X9 7/8 inches.  It is nicely  framed with numerous labels on the back including  a partial Frederick Keppel  label.  Very fine condition, Bracquemond at his best.


This is an original etching with drypoint by French artist James Tissot (1836-1902)  The title is: Promenade Dans La Neige, A Walk in the Snow, created and printed in 1880 in an edition of 100.  This etching has the Tissot red monogram  stamp in the lower right border, the 2nd state of 2.  The subject is a study of Kathleen Newton in the Garden of Tissot's house in winter.  This very large etching is in fine condition printed on a watermarked wove type sheet.  One of the most valued of all of his etchings.   The subject was the great love of Tissot's life, Mrs. Kathleen Newton who died at the age of only 28.


This is one of the finest mezzotints by the important French artist James Jacques Tissot.  The title is: Le Banc de jardin (The Garden Bench)   It was created and printed in 1883.  This was a rare first state impression prior to the lettering added at the bottom edge.  This work is pencil signed and inscribed as "1st state"  Also with the artists red stamp in the lower left.  Printed in a sepia toned ink the image measures 16 1/2X22 1/8 inches.  This image appears in the Wentworth catalogue as image 75 i/iii...  The subject was the great love of Tissot's life, Mrs. Kathleen Newton with her two children.  her daughter Violet, her niece Belle and her son Cecil seated on a bench in Tissot's garden in St. John's Wood London.  Probably conceived bbefore Kathleen Newton's tragic death at the age of only 28.  Tissot created a large oil painting of this subject after his return to Paris, distraught at the loss of his young friendship.  A very rich impression, fine condition apart from a small tear in the lower border area, unobtrusive.


This is a fine hand colored drypoint etching by French artist Paul Cesar Helleu.  This portrait is of the artist's daughter Ellen.  Created and printed in 1897 this etching measures 13X12 inches.  Hand signed in pencil lower left border.  Printed in a sepia toned ink and some touches of hand coloring.


This is an original pencil signed mezzotint by British artist Sir Francis Seymour Haden.  The title is: Breaking up of the Agamemnon No. II.  This mezzotint was created in 1880, one of his most popular images, like the earlier etched impression done 10 years earlier in just etched lines.  This image is made up of tone as well as lines in the composition... This subject illustrates  the last of the wooden hulled warships, The Agamemnon,  at the breakers yard .  With the setting sun behind it is truly a romantic view  of the end of an era of tall wooden ships.  The image measures 9 3/4X18 3/8 inches.  Pencil signed lower right border, this is the IX/IX  state.  Printed on a heavy weight wove type paper.  A rich dark impression.  "The Agamemnon in the process of being dismantled is moored to a buoy in the Thames opposite Greenwich...."


This is a fine example of the important etching by Jean Baptiste Corot. This etching is titled: Enviorns De Rome, it was created in 1866, this proof is the second state A. of three. Printed on Holland Paper, This printing had the addresses of:" Cadart and Luquet Editeurs, 79 Rue St Jacques 303 Paris" A rich impression, Catalog Delteil 6 II/III. Framed, previously sold by Kennedy Galleries in New York.


A beautiful etching by Sir Francis Seymour Hayden measuring 7 x 13 inches, pencil signed on l.r., Schneiderman cat: 37, state VI/IX, 1860, printed on japan paper, label from Harlow and McDonald included. Sir Francis Seymour Haden was one of the most important British etchers of the 19th century, along with his brother in law, James Whistler. In addition to being a highly regarded artist, he was a successful surgeon, accomplished author and dedicated angler. He was a founder and the first president of the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers, and was knighted in 1894. This print was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1861, under "H. Dean," the anagram of Haden.


This 1878 etching by the Dutch artist, Johan Barthold Jongkind, measures 5 3/4 x 9 1/8 inches, plate signed and dated. Early proof before letters, D-20, II/IV.


This is an original etching on toned chin collet by French artist Charles Meryon.  The title is: La Pompe Notre-Dame, Paris.  This etching was created in 1852.  The image measures 6 3/4X10 inches.  It is the VII/IX state, 7th of 9.  In the bottom margin is printed the title, "Public Par L'Artiste" in the lower left.  In the lower right is "Imp. A. Delatre, R.s. Jacques 171"  This image appears in the Delteil catalog as image number 31...


Original etching and drypoint by French artist of the Belle Epoque era, James Jacques Tissot.  The title is: L'Ete, this image was created and printed in 1878 in an edition of 100 unsigned proofs.  The image measures 14 3/4X8 3/8 inches.  Printed on a cream toned laid paper. The sitter is Kathleen "Kate" Newton (1854-1882), Tissot's Irish muse and mistress from 1871-82. Tissot portrayed her as a personification of summer in this etching. This image appears in the Wentworth catalog as image no. 43...A very fine impression in an archival picture frame.


This is a rare etching by British artist Sir Francis Seymour Haden.  This etching and drypoint is titled: The Fisherman.  It was created and printed in 1864.  Hand signed in pencil which is quite rare for this image.  Printed in a warm toned ink, the image measures 5 1/2X8 7/16 inches.  This etching is the 5th state of 5 with extensive use of plate tone in the water and sky.  Haden was an avid fisherman, and apart from doing etchings and being a well respected surgeon, he spent his spare time fishing across Britain.  This etching is matted and framed.



This is a fine rich impression of the well known Corot etching Souvenir of Italy, this was first created in 1863, and  printed in three states, including later ones with the publishers information at the bottom edge of the sheet.  This one does not have that so may be an earlier or possibly later  impression.  The image measures 12 9/16X9 3/8 inches, printed on an antique laid type paper.  Very fine condition, matted not framed.  This image appears in the catalog as C.5...


This is a fine original etching by French artist James Tissot.  The title is: Reverie, it was created and printed in 1880 in an edition of 100.  The image measures 9X 4 7/16 inches.  The image is plate signed and dated upper right corner of the image, printed on a medium weight laid type paper.  A very rich impression, nicely framed.  This image appears in the Wentworth catalog as image number 52.


This is a fine original mezzotint by British artist Sir Francis Seymour Haden.  This image is "Grayling Fishing" created and printed in 1897.  This etching, pencil signed lower right measures 7 1/2X11 3/4inches.  This is the second state of five.  Printed on a medium weight wove type paper.  The image appears in the Schneiderman catalog as image number 227.  A fine rich impression.  Haden was an avid fisherman, this was one of his subjects, the famous fishing streams in the United Kingdom.  Which included On the Test, The Compleat Angler and Fishermen on the Thames.


This is an original etching and aquatint by French artist Louis Legrand.  This image from his Les Petites du Ballet is titled: Le Deshabillage, it was created and printed in 1893.  This impression, pencil signed, published by Gustave Pellet in Paris, the red stamp lower right border.  this impression is also inscribed as "Epreuvre  d' artiste" lower left.  The image measures 14 1/2X8 1/2 inches. This image is from the 10th state of 10.  This etching is nicely framed with archival materials.