Featured Prints

This is an early original lithograph by American artist Stow Wengenroth.  The title is: Sea's Strange Calm, Eastport, Maine.  It was created and printed in 1931 in an edition of 54 impressions.  This proof is hand signed in pencil lower right border.  The image measures 7 1/4X12 7/8 inches.  It appears in the Stuckey catalog as image number 10.  The scene is Campobello Island in the distance, seen from Eastport, Maine, Across Passaquoddy Bay.  Printed on a medium weight wove type paper with "France" watermark.


This is a fine impression of the well known Whistler etching, Rotherhithe, It was created in 1860 as part of his Thames Set, published as a portfolio in 1871.  The image measures 10 3/4X7 3/4 inches.  Signed and dated in the plate, lower left.  This impression was last sold by Frederick Keppel in New York City, the label came with this etching.  Although in very fine condition and a rich early impression, this has been laid down by the edges of the sheet which was typical of the works coming from Keppel.  The sheet is not laid down entirely, just the very edges of the sheet. On fine simile Japan paper, with good margins, as issued.  "Rotherhithe has always been the most sought-after of Whistler’s Thames Set works and is widely regarded as one of his greatest etchings. The largest plate in the set, it demonstrates to the full the extraordinary abilities of this great master as an original etcher."  Glasgow catalog as image 70, state VI/VI..  The plate was destroyed after this edition was printed.  This etching is framed with archival materials.



This is an original etching with drypoint by French artist James Tissot (1836-1902)  The title is: Promenade Dans La Neige, A Walk in the Snow, created and printed in 1880 in an edition of 100.  This etching has the Tissot red monogram  stamp in the lower right border, the 2nd state of 2.  The subject is a study of Kathleen Newton in the Garden of Tissot's house in winter.  This very large etching is in fine condition printed on a watermarked wove type sheet.  One of the most valued of all of his etchings.   The subject was the great love of Tissot's life, Mrs. Kathleen Newton who died at the age of only 28.


"This is one of the most famous prints from the British Etching Revival"  This image is titled: A Spanish Good Friday,created and printed in 1925 by British artist David Muirhead Bone.  This pencil signed drypoint measures 12 5/8X8 inches, printed on a laid type sheet with deckeled edges.  Numbered as XXVII lower left corner.  The image depicts the solemn festival at the end of Passion Week.  Ref. Campbell Dodgson 412 .


This is a very fine original etching by British artist Gerald Brockhurst.  The subject is Kathleen Nancy Woodward and is titled: Jeunesse Doree (Gilded Youth)  This image is pencil signed and dated G.L. Brockhurst 1942.  The image measures 10 7/8X8 7/8 inches.  The etching is printed on an antique cream toned laid paper with partial watermark.  Printed in an edition of 75 this image appears in the Fletcher catalog as image number 80.  Very fine condition.  "Brockhurst celebrates the beauty of Kathleen Woodward, whom he had renamed Dorette (Gift). They met in the late nineteen twenties when she was a young model at the Royal Academy Schools and he a visiting professor, and she soon displaced his wife Anaïs at the center of his art. " (The Met)


This is one of the finest mezzotints by the important French artist James Jacques Tissot.  The title is: Le Banc de jardin (The Garden Bench)   It was created and printed in 1883.  This was a rare first state impression prior to the lettering added at the bottom edge.  This work is pencil signed and inscribed as "1st state"  Also with the artists red stamp in the lower left.  Printed in a sepia toned ink the image measures 16 1/2X22 1/8 inches.  This image appears in the Wentworth catalogue as image 75 i/iii...  The subject was the great love of Tissot's life, Mrs. Kathleen Newton with her two children.  her daughter Violet, her niece Belle and her son Cecil seated on a bench in Tissot's garden in St. John's Wood London.  Probably conceived bbefore Kathleen Newton's tragic death at the age of only 28.  Tissot created a large oil painting of this subject after his return to Paris, distraught at the loss of his young friendship.  A very rich impression, fine condition apart from a small tear in the lower border area, unobtrusive.


This is an original pencil signed etching by American artist Frank Benson.  It is titled: Black Ducks at Dusk,  created and printed in 1924 in an edition of 150.  The image measures 4 7/8X6 7/8 inches. Printed on Whatman paper, this image appears in the Ordeman catalog as image number 239.  This etching is framed and has a label on the back from Vose Galleries in Boston.


This is one of the finest etchings by American artist James Whistler.  This image titled: "Black Lion Wharf" was from his Thames series created in 1859.  This image measures 5  7/8 X 8 3/4 inches. Printed on a laid type paper with watermark.  This is an early printing between state iii/iv of iv.  Very richly inked with extensive plate tone throughout.  Very good condition, signed and dated within the plate at the right side of the image.


This is a rare color etching by American artist John Taylor Arms.  The title is: Early Morning, North River, created and printed in  1921.  This color impression was printed in an edition of only 25 impressions.  It was also printed in Black and White in an edition of 100.  The image measures 9 1/2X7 1/2 inches.  Very good condition Signed in pencil lower right.  Created with a combination of etching and aquatint.  This image appears in the Fletcher catalog as image number 100.


This is a fine hand colored drypoint etching by French artist Paul Cesar Helleu.  This portrait is of the artist's daughter Ellen.  Created and printed in 1897 this etching measures 13X12 inches.  Hand signed in pencil lower left border.  Printed in a sepia toned ink and some touches of hand coloring.


This is a fine impression of the well known Whistler etching, Bibi Lalouette, created in 1859.  Cataloged as Kennedy 51, II/II  .  The image measures 9X6 inches, printed on a thin Japan type sheet,  "This curly-haired little boy sitting on the edge of a bed comes from a series of portraits that Whistler made in 1858-59. Known by the pet name of Bibi, the child was son to J. M. Lalouette who ran a small hotel and restaurant at 5 rue de l'Odéon in Paris. Whistler often ate there and left a large unpaid bill when he moved to London. In August 1860 he sent partial payment, eliciting a relieved response from Monsieur Lalouette that mentions Bibi often talked of the artist, and noting the family's pride in their own impression of the present work". ( The Met)  Signed and dated in the plate on the lower right side.


This is an original etching by American artist James M Whistler.  The title is "Eagle Wharf", this image was created and printed in 1859.  Signed and dated within the plate.  The image measures 5 7/16X8 5/16 inches.  It is printed on a thin Japan paper which is rare.  This is the only known state before the plate was cancelled.  Its is from is series of Sixteen etchings on the Thames. (The Thames Set) A very fine impression.  Annotated lower left border, "'Tyzac Whiteley & Co"  an alternate title. catalog number is K-41.


This is a fine Belle Epoque portrait in drypoint by French artist Paul Cesar Helleu.  The subject is: Madeleine Chéruit.  This image measures 15 1/2X11 1/2 inches, hand signed in pencil by the artist in the lower right border.  This drypoint is housed in a Foster Brothers period gilt frame.. Madeleine Chéruit was one of the most fashionable French dressmakers of her time. Her house of courture took inspiration from the Belle Epoque through to the Jazz Age.  


This is an original hand colored drypoint etching by French artist Paul Cesar Helleu.  The title: Femme en profil avec un chapeau.  measures a plate mark of 21 1/4X13 1/4 inches.  Hand signed in pencil lower right, a superb, richly inked impression with bright colors.  Printed on a heavy wove type paper.  Helleu began his art career when he enrolled at the Ecole des Beaux Arts and worked as an apprentice for Theodore Deck, decorating ceramic plates with women's portraits. He became friends with many artists of La Belle Epoch, including John Singer Sargent, Whistler, Tissot, Monet and Rodin, and became well known for his elegant portraits of women of French society. He traveled between France and America, and in 1912 was commissioned to create the astrological ceiling decoration in New York's Grand Central Station.  This drypoint is nicely framed with archival materials.


This is an original etching by American artist James McNeill Whistler.  The title is: The Adam and Eve Tavern, Old  Chelsea.  This etching is plate signed with the butterfly monogram in the upper left sky.  The image measures 7X11 15/16 inches.  Printed on a medium weight laid type paper.  This etching was created in 1878.  It is the third state of 3.  A rich impression of this scarce composition.