Portrait of Sir Charles Holroyd

This is an original etching by French artist Alphonse Legros.  It is a portrait of British etcher Sir Charles Holroyd.  Created circa 1889.  This image has a plate size of 11X7 inches, printed on a medium weight laid type paper.  This etching is hand signed in pencil lower right corner of the border.  

"Sir Charles Holroyd was one of the most prolific etchers of his generation. He was taught by Alphonse Legros at the Slade School of Art and his work shows the considerable influence of his close friend William Strang. Sir Charles Holroyd was appointed first Keeper of the Tate Gallery and later Director of the National Gallery. These posts ensured that he did not need to depend upon printmaking for his livelihood; consequently, his etchings were not issued in formal editions. Impressions of his etchings were only taken when required and, as a result, many of his printed works are very scarce indeed.

Alphonse Legros was the single most influential European printmaker upon the development of the etching revival in England. Born in Dijon, Legros was persuaded to move to London by Whistler, whom he had met in Paris. Legros rapidly achieved recognition for his highly accomplished etchings and in 1875 was placed in charge of the etching class at the Royal College in South Kensington and the following year was made Professor of Fine Art at the influential Slade School. It was during his eighteen years in this post that Legros was to exert a formidable influence upon the direction of an entire generation of British printmakers." (  thank you, Mr. Campbell)