Dorsey Potter Tyson


This is an original color drypoint etching by American artist Dorsey Potter Tyson (1891-1969)  The title is Peacock Fan, it was created and printed in 1929 in an edition 96/100.  This etching is hand signed in pencil and also signed and dated in the plate.  The image measures 11X8 7/8 inches.  Very fine condition printed on a light weight japan type paper.  "The American printmaker Dorsey Potter Tyson was born in Maryland; however, much of D.P.Tyson’s market was in England. His prints sold alongside those of the Elyse Ashe Lord, riding on the wave of popularity for the Art Deco style which was in vogue at the time. Like Elyse Lord, Dorsey Potter Tyson drew his inspiration from a wide range of oriental sources and like Lord, his art was essentially decorative in nature." (Campbell)