This is an original hand signed etching by American artist Isac Friedlander. The title of this work is "Aftermath" alt. "Outcasts", this etching was created and printed in 1944.
This etching was created in an edition of 30 signed proofs, this one is inscribed as "Trial Proof #2", the image measures 14X11 inches, printed on a medium weight wove type paper. The artist's view of the aftermath of war in Europe.
Isac Friedlander (1890-1968) was born in Mitau, Latvia. He was arrested in 1906 and imprisoned by Russian authorities for anti- Czarist Political activities from 1906 to 1912. He studied art at the Academy of Rome, Italy from 1913 until 1917. He was a friend of Russian writer Maxim Gorky. Friedlander began his printing career in 1915. In 1917 he repatriated to Russia during the Kerensky regime, but in 1929 Friedlander immigrated to the US with the encouragement of his cousin Joseph Hirshhorn.