20th Century European

Tug of War

This is a fine original etching by British artist Eileen Soper. This image"Tug of War" is hand signed in pencil by the artist. created and printed in 1921. Eileen created her first etching in 1918 at the age of 13. She had her first show in 1921 and devoted to her constant theme, children at play. She became very popular with her whimsical view of childhood. The image measures 4X6 3/4 inches.

Celindas Precaution

William Russell Flint etching titled: "Celinda's Precaution", this etching was created and printed in 1930 and is editioned as 60/75. The etching is hand signed in pen and ink lower border, and printed on an antique wove type paper, identifuied as "Weatherley, 1829" The image mesasures 7 1/4X4 3/4 inches.

Night time in Dieppe

This is an original drypoint etching by British artist Edmund Blampied. The work is titled: "Night Time in Dieppe, created and printed in 1926, editioned as 62/100. The image measures 7 3/4X10 3/4 inches. Fine use of plate tone on the street and background. A rich feathered Burr. A very fine and atmospheric image.

Anatole France

This is an original pencil signed etching by Anders Zorn (1860-1920) The title is: "Anatole France" It was created and printed in 1906. The image measres 8 1/2X6 1/4 inches. Anatole France was the Nobel Prize Winner in Literature in 1921. This etching appears in the Asplund catalog as image number 204.

Canadas in Cheshire

This is an original Charles Tunnicliffe wood engraving. The title is: "Canadas in Cheshire", it was created and printed in 1939. This one is numbered as 31 of an edition of 50.
The image measures 12 1/4X9 1/2 inches.
Excellent signed proof impression, printed by the artist himself.

Moulin Rouge

This is a fine example of the Paris etchings created by Manuel Robbe in the early quarter of the 20th century. This etching is titled: "Moulin Rouge", created circa 1925.

Deer Seated

This is an original engraving by French artist Joseph Hecht (1891-1951) This study of a Deer was created and printed cira 1929. It is hand signed in pencil lower right and also editioned as number 11. This engraving was printed on a blue toned laid type antique paper with a shield watermark. The image measures 6X9 inches. Joseph Hecht, painter and printmaker, was born on December 14, 1891, in Lodz, Poland. He studied at the Academie Beaux-Arts in Krakow between 1909 and 1914.

A Rendez-vous,Vincenzia

This is an original hand signed drypoint etching by British artist Sir William Russell Flint. The title of this work is "A Rendez-Vous,Vincenzia". It was created and printed in 1929 in an edition of 75. The image measures 9 1/2X6 5/8 inches, printed on a watermarked laid type paper, signed in brown in and editioned as "VI " in the lower left border.
This image appears in the Wright catalog as image number 19.

Gothic Doorway

Mystery artist, not able to identify this artist. An original pencil signed lithograph of a Gothic Doorway. It appears to be signed, Julien Lacare lower right in pencil.
It is not an artist we know. The image measures 11 1/2X8 inches.