Recent Acquisitions

This is an original etching by American artist Lemuel Eldred.  It depicts a scene of fishing shacks most likely Cape Ann, Ma.  copyright Faber 1889.  This etching has an image size of: 4 1/2X8 inches, pencil signed lower left border.  Nice use of plate tone in the sea and sky.


Drypoint, ca. 1930, Ed. ca. edition of  50, 5-3/8 x 6-3/8, on cream wove paper , signed in pencil. A rich, crisp and highly detailed impression of this fine image of a woodcock.  With original label from Rodman Edmiston, 1933.


This is a beautiful original oil on canvas painting by French artist Francois Martin-Kavel.  Titled: "La Parisienne", this is a wonderful Belle Epoque study of a young woman going out for an evenings entertainment in Paris.  This painting is clearly signed lower right and dated 84- 1884.  The painting itself measures 22 1/4X14 1/2 inches and came to us in what appears to be the original ornate gilt frame.  The frame size is 32X24 inches..  This painting has a few old labels on the back including it in an early sale by Soethby's in Chicago.  The painting is in very good condition, the vanish is a bit bright but could certainly be
toned down a bit, overall a beautiful work in beautiful condition


This is an original oil on canvas painting of two young girls at story time.  The painting is signed lower left but we cannot solve who the artist was.  The painting itself measures 13X9 3/4 inches.
This painting is in a period elaborate gilt frame.


This is an original etching and aquatint by French master, Felix Buhot.  The title of this work is "L'Hiver a Paris" (winter in Paris)  This is one of his best known works, using extensive remarques all around the central image to show the street scenes that the artist found in his Paris studies.  This etching was created and printed in 1879, this is the 5th state of 9.  The artists name and title appear within the plate as part of the original design.  The overall image measures 12 5/8X17 inches.  Printed on an antique laid paper with watermark.  The condition is very good but there are some foxing marks on the outer border area.


This is an original etching and aquatint by French artist Louis Legrand.  This etching is titled: "La Fille a sa tante", the girl with her aunt....This etching was created and printed in 1893 in an edition of 100.  It came from his series "Les Petites du Ballet", (the Little ones of Ballet).  The image measures 14 1/4X8 3/4 inches.  Printed on a medium weight wove type paper, pencil signed lower right border.  This image appears in the Arwas catalog as image number 77.


This is an original etching and drypoint by British artist Muirhead Bone.  The title is: "Windy Night, Stockholm", it was created and printed in 1935 in an edition of 93.  The image measures 11 7/8X7 5/8 inches.  Very fine condition, printed on a medium weight wove type paper.  This image appears in the Dodgson catalog as image number 457.  The image also appears in the Guichard Book, "British Etchers 1850-1940.



This is an original pencil signed and inscribed etching by Canadian-American artist Frederick Owen. The title of this work is "Trade Winds", It has a pencil inscription with "Ships under skipsails running down the trades, Ships and the sea, there's nothing finer made"...This etching was created and printed in 1938. The image measures 10 3/4X14 1/8 inches.


This is an original pencil signed and titled etching by Canadian-American artist Frederik Owen.   The title of this work is: "Nocturne", it was created and printed in 1938 and was sold through Associated American Artists in New York.  The image measures 9 7/8X6 3/4 inches.



This is a 3 panel color woodblock print by Chicanobu Toyohara, The Tribunal. The image measures 13 7/8X28 1/8 inches. Bright colors, some worm damage, tipped to a backing board.


This is a very fine original oil on board painting by New Hampshire artist William Jurian Kaula.  The title is: "New Hampshire Landscape,Spring". circa 1930 this painting has an image size of 19X22 1/2 inches.  Housed in a tasteful modern frame.  This painting came to us with a label on the back, this painting was in the collection of Minette Hunsiker Cummings, the artists niece.  The painting is signed lower right corner.
"William J. Kaula studied in Boston and Paris before establishing studios in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. His wife, Lee Lufkin Kaula, was also a painter, and together they spent several summers in the countryside sketching. His paintings show atmospheric landscapes in cool colors and often emphasize dramatic cloud formations. (Smithsonian)"


This is an original etching by American 19th century artist Blanche Dillaye.  This view of seashore cottages has an image size of 5 1/2X8 1/8 inches.  Nice use of plate tone.  There is a stain upper right corner and the upper border has been trimmed to the platemark.  A rare example by this important woman etcher, circa 1880


This is an original pencil signed drypoint etching by British artist William Walcot R.I.B.A.  This etching was created and printed in 1922 as part of a series that he did titled: The Arteries of Great Britain, created in an edition of 425. The image measures 3 7/8X10 1/2 inches.


This is an original hand signed color lithograph by Hungarian artist Marcel Vertes.  The title of this work is: "Daphnis et Chloe", it was created and printed in 1956 and is signed in pen, dated and inscribed to Janice Arrialiert?  The image measures 21 3/4X11 1/8 inches.  


This is the original wood engraving, "Snap the Whip" after the painting by Winslow Homer. This image was from the 1873 printing in Harper's Weekly, this is a rare Double folio size which has the distinctive fold in the center of the image., and a ghost of the type setting from the back of the sheet, typical of these. This is probably the very best of the Wood engravings done of Homers work in the 19th century. The image measures 13 1/2X20 1/2 inches. A few light creases but overall very presentable as it now appears, archivally framed. Beautifully presented.