Recent Acquisitions

This is an original etching by American artist Edith Loring Peirce Getchell (1855-1940)  The title of this work is: "The Overflow", Ulster County New York.  The image is plate signed lower left corner.  It was created and printed in 1882.  The image measures 8X13 3/4 inches.  Nice use of plate tone in the sky and land.



This is an original floral Rookwood vase hand painted by Japanese artist Kataro Shirayamadani.  The vase was created in 1900.  It has the Rookwood stamp on the bottom and the signature of  Shirayamadani.  The vase measures 13 inches tall and 9 inches in diameter.  Probably the most recognized name in Rookwood Pottery history is Kataro (Sherry) Shirayamadani who was born in 1865.  He started decorating pottery at Rookwood in 1887 and except for a couple of short periods of time, worked at the pottery until near his death in 1948.  While all of Kataro’s work is highly sought after by collectors.  This vase is in flawless condition.





This is a pair of fine wood engraving by Czech artist and member of the anti Nazi resistance fighters in WWII Jaroslav Dobrovolsky (1895-1942)  Both of these wood engravings are hand signed in pencil and also stamped on the back with the artists name.  The color image measures a sheet size of 6 1/2X4 inches, dated 1932.  The other image measures 4 1/2X2 3/4 inches. 

Dobrovolsky was a well known print maker and book illustrator in the Czech republic.  He was captured by the Nazi's and died in the Mauthausen concentration camp in 1942.  Both images are in very good condition and sold as a pair for the one price.


This is an original lithograph by American artist John S. deMartelly.(1903-1980)  This image is titled: "Two Old Toms", it was created and printed in 1939 in an edition of 250.  The image measures 11 1/4X8 inches.  It appears in the deMartelly as Zink 64.  This was originally sold through Associated American artists in New York.


This is an original etching by American artist Edwin Kaufman.  It is titled: "Night Brooklyn", pencil signed and titled in the lower margin.  The image measures 5 X 6 3/4 inches.  Printed on a medium weight laid type paper.


This is an original pencil signed etching by American artist Louis C. Rosenberg.  It is titled: "

New Right-of-Way West of East 49th Street, July 1929""Louis C. Rosenberg was commissioned by the Van Sweringen brothers to produce etchings of the construction of the Cleveland Union Terminal, including sites, demolitions, and buildings. This is print number 18 of the Rosenberg, Louis C Cleveland series"  The image measures 7 1/2X11 1/4 inches. signed lower right border.


This is an original etching by American artist Louis C. Rosenberg.  It is titled: New Viaduct Before Steel, August 1928,  "Louis C. Rosenberg was commissioned by the Van Sweringen brothers to produce etchings of the construction of the Cleveland Union Terminal, including sites, demolitions, and buildings. This is print number 1 of the Rosenberg, Louis C., 1890-1983, American, CLEVELAND SERIES"

The image measures 7 3/4X11 1/4 inches.  Pencil signed lower right border.


This is an original etching by French artist Charles Jacques .  It is titled: "Tir A La Becasse"  Plate signed and titled in the lower border.  The image measures 6 1/4X4 inches.  Printed on a heavy weight wove type paper.


This is a pair of 20th century Japanese woodblock prints, both printed on a crape type crinkled handmade paper.

Both sheets measure 14 3/4 X 11 1/4 inches.  It has the Japanese Chop in the lower right but the artist remains a mystery to us.  



This is an original early 20th century etching, european school of Christ on the Cross.  This etching is hand signed in pencil but we cannot read it clearly, Ferdinand  ......?  The image measures 15 3/4X15 1/2 inches.  Printed on a heavy weight wove type paper, circa 1930.


This is an original pencil signed,initialed? etching, European school 20th century.  We are unable to read the name in the lower left border.  The image is printed on a van gelder watermarked laid paper.  The piece is dated 1935 and shows a man and boy in a wooden overlook of their town.  The image measures 10X15 1/2 inches.  Very fine condition.