This is an early 20th century landscape painting, oil on canvas titled: "The Oak", it was created circa 1920-30's.  It is signed lower left corner with the initials A. F. and also initialed and titled on the back of the canvas.  The painting itself measures 18X24 inches.  A fine impressionistic view of a woodland scene with a figure in the background.  Very good condition, the artist is a mystery.  This might possibly be the work of Alexis J. Fournier...


This is a fine original ink and watercolor painting by American artist Louis Orr.  This view of a Paris Courtyard is signed and dated lower right, Louis Orr, Paris, 1919.  The work measures 19 1/2X12 1/2 inches.  Very nice condition, rich color.  This painting is framed.  Orr was one of the most famous American artists in France.  He worked as an illustrator for the French Army in World War I...His works are in the Louvre.


This is a fine original oil on canvas painting by American artist Daniel Strain 1847-1925.  This fine portrait of a Young Boy is signed upper left, and dated 1896.  The painting measures 18X16 inches.  Strain is best known for his portraits and landscape paintings.  One tiny spot of touchup, very minor.  Nicely housed in a gilt frame.


This is an original oil on canvas painting of an Ox and Cart coming down the road.  The painting has 3 intials lower right, they seem to read: "W. ?. S."  Weve been unable to make out who the artist was. We feel the painting is from the late 1890's and is most likely American in origin.  The painting was expertly done.  The canvas laid on board measures 19X13 inches and is in a 19th century gilt frame.  


This is a very fine Hudson River School landscape, oil on academy board, 9 3/4 x 18 3/4 inches, c. 1880s, unsigned, in an ornate period gilt frame. Although this painting is unsigned it is quite well painted, evidently by a very competent artist.


This is an original oil on board painting by American artist Henry Mortikar Rosenberg.  This study of a museum visitor was originally in the collection of the Mobile Museum of Art, Alabama.  The painting is signed lower right in pencil and inscribed on the back.  The image measures 16X12 inches.  A few minor spots of touch up, nothing major.  A fine modernist impression.  Rosenberg studied under Frank Duveneck.


This is an original oil on tin painting of a young woman.  It is apparently unsigned and so we are calling this 19th century American School.  The painting measures 8X7 inches, it came to us in a period gilt frame which measures 12 1/2X11 1/2 inches.  Expertly painted, this is a fine example of 19th century American portraiture.  


This is an original gouache and watercolor illustration by American artist Bill Griffith.  This work was done as an illustration for Sports Afield, July, 1953.  The painting is signed lower right and has the publishers information on the illustration board.  It is titled Adventure is my Business, Chapter VI....The image measures 11 1/2X16 inches.  Framed in a gilt period frame.


This is an original oil on canvas painting by German American artist Hugo Breul (1854-1910)  This painting is signed lower left corner.  The canvas measures 9X6 inches.  The frame is 10 1/2X7 1/2 inches. A fine rich multi layer amber glazing to the portrait.  Very well captured.  In what appears to be the original early Whistler style frame.  We feel that  this painting dates from the late 1890's.



Framed watercolor portrait, sight size 7 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches in 12 3/4 x 10 Italian carved gilt frame. Signed and dated in the lower right corner. Inscription on the back of the frame has the artist's name, date, and the name of the sitter, Lady Adelaide Horatia Elizabeth Seymour. Lady Seymour lived from 1825-1877 and married Vice Admiral Spencer.
Corbaux belonged to the Society of British Artists and the New Society of Painters in Watercolors in 1839.


This is an original oil on board painting by American artist Francis Stillwell Dixon.  This painting done circa 1940 measures an image of 4 3/4X6 3/4 inches, signed lower right Francis Dixon.  The painting is framed in a silver molding which measures 12X13 1/2 inches.  Very fine condition under glass.  On the back of the board is written the tiitle "North Easter"....


This is an original painting, Gouache and watercolor on blue toned paper.  This view of Rowers in the park came to us unsigned, we do not know who painted it, it was  created circa 1930's nicely framed, the image measures 8 1/2X12 inches.  Rich colors, nicely framed with archival materials.  The overall frame measures 15X18 inches.  Unexamined out of the frame.  Most likely a work by one of the 1930's American Illustrators.  This came to us in a group of three similar works, all unsigned.


This is a fine watercolor painting by American artist Nora S Unwin.  The title, inscribed on the backing board is: A Memory of Greece.  This painting is hand signed and dated 1966 by the artist.  The image measures 13 1/2X17 1/2 inches.  Unwin was the well known artist and illustrator who lived and worked in Peterborough New Hampshire.  This watercolor on artist board is in very fine condition.


This is a fine original gouache painting by Italian artist Maria Gianni.  The scene is the Bay of Naples with Mt Vesuvius in the background.  The painting is signed lower left.  The image measures 5X12 1/2 inches and came to us in what appears to be the original early frame which measures 8X16 inches.


Attributed to Paul Sandby. Painting measures 5 1/2 x 7 3/4 inches. 1800's. A vibrant and energetic painting despite the gray palette. Paul Sandby, the brother of Thomas Sandby, was an English engraver and painter. He began his artistic career as a landscape painter and draftsman for the Scottish military. As a printmaker, Sandby popularized the use of aquatint, and was considered to be the father of British watercolors. In 1768 the brothers were both among the twenty-eight of the original members of the Royal Academy.