Recent Acquisitions

This is an original engraving by French artist Philippe Mohlitz.  This image is titled: The Abyss.  It was created and printed in 1967.  Pencil signed lower right and numbered as 28/50 lower left.  The image measures 8 1/4X7 1/8 inches.  Printed on a heavy weight laid type sheet.  Mohlitz uses the refined technique of Original engraving, in the traditional manner.  Born in Bordeaux in 1941 Mohlitz studied the techniques of engraving at the studio of Rene Delpech in Paris in the mid 1960's.


This is a fine drypoint etching by British artist Sir Henry Rushbury.  The subject is the destruction of St. Olave's cathedral on  Tooley Street in Bermondsey.  This drypoint is hand signed by the artist with pen and ink in the lower border.  The image measures 11 3/8X8 1/16 inches.  Very richly printed on a medium weight wove type paper.  This image created in 1927.  "the demolition in process of a historic London dockside church, St Olave's, Bermondsey/ Southwark. This took place because of local depopulation and the church being given 'redundant' status. Demolition took place in two stages and Rushbury has cleverly seized the moment when the nave was all but destroyed (1926) but the tower was still intact. This didn't last long, and it was demolished in turn in 1928. Building materials and debris litter the foreground."


This is a fine color aquatint by French artist Bernard Boutet de Monvel ..  It is titled Fillette a L'Ombrelle, created and printed in 1910.  The image measures 10 3/4X6 7/8 inches.  Signed in block letters in pencil lower right border.  Printed on a medium weight wove type sheet.  Numbered as 3/10.


This is a large pencil signed color etching by Austrian artist T.F. Simon.  The title is: Charles Bridge in Winter, Prague, created and printed in 1916 in an edition of 100.  A large work by Simon measuring an image of 15 3/4X20 5/8 inches.  A finely detailed work.  Printed on a medium weight wove type sheet.  Novak 255


This is a fine original lithograph by San Francisco artist Carl Beetz.  The title is: A Remark from the Grandstand, it was created and printed in 1945.  Pencil signed and numbered 9/21.  The image measures 19X12 inches, printed on a heavy weight wove type paper.  Member: Calif. WC Soc.; Calif. Soc. of Etchers


This is one of the finest mezzotints by the important French artist James Jacques Tissot.  The title is: Le Banc de jardin (The Garden Bench)   It was created and printed in 1883.  This was a rare first state impression prior to the lettering added at the bottom edge.  This work is pencil signed and inscribed as "1st state"  Also with the artists red stamp in the lower left.  Printed in a sepia toned ink the image measures 16 1/2X22 1/8 inches.  This image appears in the Wentworth catalogue as image 75 i/iii...  The subject was the great love of Tissot's life, Mrs. Kathleen Newton with her two children.  her daughter Violet, her niece Belle and her son Cecil seated on a bench in Tissot's garden in St. John's Wood London.  Probably conceived bbefore Kathleen Newton's tragic death at the age of only 28.  Tissot created a large oil painting of this subject after his return to Paris, distraught at the loss of his young friendship.  A very rich impression, fine condition apart from a small tear in the lower border area, unobtrusive.


This is a fine original mezzotint by well known printmaker Reynold Weidenaar (1915-1985)  This large image of the artist with his engraving tools measures 16 3/4X12 7/8 inches.  Hand signed in pencil in very fine condition.  Reynold Weidenaar was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1915. He studied at the Kendall School of Design and at the Kansas City Art Institute with Jackson Lee Nesbitt from 1938 to 1940. In 1944, Weidenaar received a Guggenheim Fellowship.  In the back ground of this portrait is the Mexican imagery that appears in many of his earlier mezzotint work.


This is a scarce etching with drypoint by French artist Auguste Lepere.  The title is Sous Bois, a la Rigonette (Vendee) This image was created and printed in an edition of only 35 prior to the plate being cut down for the later more common edition.  The image measures 7 3/4X10 1/2 inches.  The etching is hand signed in pencil and numbered as 7/35.  Printed on a thin antique laid paper.  This image appears in the Texier catalog as image number 386 ii/iii.


This is a fine original etching by British artist David Young Cameron. The subject and title is: Dinant, This etching was created and printed by the artist in 1907, hand signed in pencil, The image measures 7 15/16X13 15/16 inches.  Printed on a light weight laid type sheet.  This image appears in the Rinder catalog as image number 395.  The edition was thought to be less than 75.  A fine rich impression.


This is an original pencil signed and titled wood engraving by British artist Mary Elizabeth Groom.  The title is: The Crucifixion, created  and printed circa . 1929, it is numbered as 4/30.  The image measures 9 1/2X7 1/4 inches.  Printed on a thin japan type sheet.  Groom was a well known artist and illustrator one of  the Suffolk artists.  She was also a founding member of the English Wood Engraving Society starting in 1926.  Mary studied wood engraving at Leon Underwood's Art School, along with Underwood himself and with fellow-students such as Blair Hughes-Stanton, Gertrude Hermes  and Agnes Miller Parker 


This is a fine original etching by American artist William Meyerowitz.  The title of this image is Calm Sea, it is most likely a scene of Gloucester Harbor.  This pencil signed impression measures 7X11 1/2 inches.  Printed on a medium weight wove type sheet.  This image was created and printed circa 1930.  Its a rare etching by Meyerowitz.


This is an original oil on canvas by American Marine artist Marshall Johnson.  This view of a Sailboat in a stormy sea.  This painting measures 14X18 inches.  It is clearly signed lower left corner.  It came to us in what appears to be the original turn of the century picture frame.  The painting is in superb condition, no evidence of any repairs or inpainting.  "Born and raised in Boston, Marshall Johnson set sail for South America aboard the ship Sunbeam at age of eighteen. Tragically, the ship caught fire and burned at sea, and Johnson was one of only twelve survivors. This harrowing experience did not dampen Johnson’s enthusiasm for the ocean, however; he returned to Boston and took classes at the Lowell Institute and the Boston Art Club, and then studied painting with well-known marine artist William E. Norton. By 1884, Johnson had opened his own studio at 12 West Street in Boston"


This is a fine pencil signed impression , an original  wood engraving created by American artist Asa Cheffetz.  This image, Titled: Vermont,  was created in 1941  and sold through  Associated American Artists in New York.  The image measures 6 1/4X10 inches.  It appears in the Springfield catalog as image number 59.


This is an original pencil signed wood engraving by American artist Asa Cheffetz.  The title of this work is Pastorale (Vermont)  It was originally sold by Associated American Artists in New York.  The image measures 4 1/2X 10 inches.  This image appears in the Springfield catalog as number 65.


This is an original etching by Scottish artist Ernest S Lumsden.  The title is: Mapledurham, it was created and printed in 1911 in an edition of 20.  The image measures 4 3/4X6 1/2 inches.  Printed on a light weight laid type paper..Hand signed in pencil in the lower border.  This image appears in the Copley catalog as image number 118.